The current status of herbicide application
Farmers spray their fields uniformly using a chemical intensive treatment.
Market failure - Current herbicde application does not distinguish between the crop, bare soil and weeds. This is a market failure which results in:
Economic loss
Environmental damage
Herbicide-resistance weeds
“Superweeds” - Herbicide-resistant weeds
Superweeds have become a global epidemic and pose a global threat to food production worldwide.
It is harder and more expensive than ever for farmers to control weeds.
Step 1: Scan
  • Automated field scouting with a custom drone (DIY) for sub-mm resolution.
Step 2: Data analysis
  • Identify weeds down to the species level utilizing machine learning and A.I.
Step 3: Spray
  • Customized spray plan for each field.
  • More than 50% reduction in herbicide use with an increase in productivity.
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